An Excerpt from Miracles and Foolishness

Color Theory (or it really IS about the journey)

yellow is for suckers
red is for the weak
green and blue and purple are your youth’s misguided streak

orange is utterly useless
pink for fools and dreams
tan and mauve and violet when there’s fraying at the seams

coral is just ridiculous
try goldenrod in vain
O – did orchid salmon firebrick not make you whole again?

periwinkle’s an illusion
and emerald’s a false hope
brown and moss and sarcoline will teach you how to cope

hyacinth for excess
sanguineous for harm
plumbeous and ochre – ah, now you’re getting warm

nigricant is closer
eburnean almost there
albicant and atrous: now that’s the magic pair

gray is for confusion
silver for chance delight
gunmetal and ash mean loss of clarity and sight


white for the rage
white for the pain
white for the frost that creeps in low to make it numb again


black for the anger
black for the hurt
black for the nothing that smothers life and silences a world


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