Under the Autumn Star: A Riddle

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may/Old Time is still a-flying:/and this same flower that smiles to-day/to-morrow will by dying” – “To the Virgins, make much of Time,” Robert Herrick

“By the pricking of my thumbs/something wicked this way comes.” The Witches in Macbeth, William Shakespeare

“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.” A Dance with Dragons, George R.R. Martin


A Rune Before Feasting:

The golden air begins to bite                                                                                     which sacred fire will soon set right                                

the sun will mark the changing curve                                                                            from Leo’s fire to Virgo’s earth                          

the Doors are weak, the Walls won’t stop                                                                   what Lurks and Waits in winter’s dark      

Look kindly, O heaven, upon my bowed head;                                                       bestow on me fullness in my time of need*

Under the Autumn Star: A Riddle

Let the raiment of trees show us the way

an explosion of Life at the close of the day:

red for good luck, for the favor of fate

for good health to outstrip winter’s frigid black gait;

from the brown horn of plenty the harvest does spill

with abandon we dance, too alive to be still;

tongues of fire hiss boldly, their orange fangs sprout

through the coming long nights, they will never go out;

with roaring exuberance, with music and song

sustained by gold courage, we will face the night strong.

Fomalhaut mans his bright royal station

his vigil we honor, and pour him libation;

with nuts and apples, seeds and sweet bones

we’ll toast our departed and welcome them home;

but disguise your person ‘ere gathering ends

there lingers more here than invisible friends.


*the last line of the Rune is slightly edited but taken from a real rune in the Carmina Gadelica, translated by Mike Nichols (that rune was translated by Nichols, not the whole text)

Pop quiz for my scholars: what 3 cultures are represented here? (there are more than 3, but that was always the magic number when I was a teacher) Take a guess in the comment section!

(via Daily Prompt: Bridge)


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