Make America…

Langston Hughes: “Sure, call me any ugly name you choose-/The steel of freedom does not stain./From those who live like leeches on people’s lives,/We must take back our land again,/America!” (Make America…         I am a liar and a thief I live on stolen seconds harvested illegally from the abundant dreams buried in the earth of a land I did not ask … Continue reading Make America…

The Conundrum of 2016

This isn’t right. That’s all I think every time I think I’m ready to have a conversation about the election. I have read about the Rust Belt states, listened to what’s happening in towns where manufacturing jobs have disappeared so fast, it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say they’re hemorrhaging. I have read through what conservatives and evangelicals have had to say. And with each passing … Continue reading The Conundrum of 2016

A Safety Pin is not a Safety Plan

I’ll say it again – a safety pin is not a safety plan. I love the safety pin thing going around as a result of last week’s election results. I love the tales on my Facebook timeline of strangers stepping in to defend people under attack: the young men who threw the “pussy grabber” off of the metro, the 300 Baylor students who walked the … Continue reading A Safety Pin is not a Safety Plan

Like the Rivers

Langston Hughes: “I’ve known rivers:/I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the/flow of human blood in human veins…” …My Soul longs to weep/like the rivers My anger is like stagnant water old and stale the ravaged bones of an ancient cadaver brittle, frail Buried and forgotten like the leaden pipes in Flint Such grave harm was never meant to come to light; … Continue reading Like the Rivers