Like the Rivers

Langston Hughes: “I’ve known rivers:/I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the/flow of human blood in human veins…”

…My Soul longs to weep/like the rivers

My anger is like stagnant water
old and stale
the ravaged bones of an ancient cadaver
brittle, frail
Buried and forgotten like the leaden pipes in Flint
Such grave harm was never meant to
come to light; this much is true
it’s lurking under everything
poisonous and threatening
and coming soon to a theatre near you.


What I would give for an anger that’s clean
visible and Present, dealt with and seen
Poured back into the earth,
because it’s course has run
it’s washed clear its own vitriol,
and now the mad is done
And the ruptured halves of my splintered heart are knit together
Let my muddled being catch the final golden rays of sun
circle back to the Euphrates and be just in time for Dawn.

The Daily Promt that fits: Or


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