Make America…

Langston Hughes: “Sure, call me any ugly name you choose-/The steel of freedom does not stain./From those who live like leeches on people’s lives,/We must take back our land again,/America!”

(Make America…        

I am a liar and a thief

I live on stolen seconds harvested illegally from

the abundant dreams buried in the earth of a land I did not ask for,

tied to a life I do not want


Langston: “America never was America to me…”


I am the walking dead

the ghostly remnant of my ancestors, a

doomed race

forever thwarted in their quest for humanity;



Langston: “There’s never been equality for me/nor freedom in this ‘homeland of the free’ ”


I too crooned American

I am the darkness’ brother –

the forgotten shame of slavery and the refuse of capitalism.

They cannot see, for the emaciated bones clinging to ribs picked clean

by the Ravaging carnivorous teeth of their greed,

how beautiful I might have been.

…great again)


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