Arrayed in White Garments

This is not one of mine. This is an older hymn, the lyrics of which cannot be found apparently online. I memorized it when I was young and am still trying to find the written version so I can properly cite it. It gives context to the other version of the “Antigonish” style poem. Mostly that questioning and doubt is part of faith. And that the older you get, the more you realize that pretty much everything adults ever taught you during childhood (and yes, that includes religious stuff) they pulled out of their a$$, or they were just parroting something someone else pulled out of their a$$ many years ago. Which is not the same thing as concluding that God is not real.


Verse 1
Arrayed in white garments all shining with gold
The beautiful daughters of Zion behold
All holy and happy they wait on their King

Their beauty and talent an offering they bring

O daughters of Zion in beauty arrayed
Whose lives on the altar for Jesus are laid
Be faithful and true for ye someday shall stand

With the King in his glory at the Father’s right hand

Verse 2
O daughters of Zion your beauty of face
Your beauty of mind and your excellent grace
Your time and your talent the King doth require
He calls for them all with exceeding desire

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