About Me

the-authorHi – this is me. I’m attempting to provide some psychological ease by showing you my face (in this digital age, assuming there’s no cat-fishing going on, it’s nice to know who is who…or whom).   My name is Safiya Reynolds. I have a lot of brothers and sisters (and heart-brothers & sisters) – that’s the most important thing anyone can know about me. I call my siblings “my A game” – they are the very best parts of who I am. If you ever meet them, everything about me that seems completely random – my zest for learning languages (I’m working on ASL, Spanish, Italian and Scottish Gaelic right now), my inability to settle on what I want to be when I grow up (I’ve been a teacher for 8 years and I’ve got to say, I’m kinda over it), my impeccable memory for lines from Disney movies that I watched at least a decade ago, my disdain of chocolate, my delight in the company of strangers, my belief that Lord of the Rings is a Christmas movie, my obsession with the skillful telling of a good story (think Neil Gaiman or Nancy Farmer or CS Lewis), my affinity for the Witching Hour as a time of true clarity, and my ability to find music and odd humor in almost everything – all these things begin to make a great deal of sense. I am, after all, a Reynolds.